Useful Android Apps You haven’t Heard Of


Every single person who has access to a smartphone can attest to the fact that there are thousands if not millions of apps available for IOS and android devices. With all these uncountable applications available for those devices, it is obviously very difficult choosing the best extra apps aside the ones that are mandatory and needs to be available on the device for its proper functioning. I will try to help you and enlighten you with some few applications for smartphones, that you probably might have never heard of but they are so useful that your soul has been yearning for them. As outstanding as the number of android apps available to us may be, one can even think that they are android apps available for almost everything. Here is a list of six (6) apps which you may love to have, but you have never heard of.

  • RunPee: When I first heard of this app I was like whoah! lol. Then I started asking myself what the function of this android app is going to be. But as the name of the app obviously indicates, this app is about running to pee. And have you ever done something where you were caught up in it and you suddenly have to go the washroom. Like when you are watching some fantastic movie. Then you have to visit the washroom because you’ve really got to pee. This android app is design to tell you the best and precise time for you to go to the washroom and even better, it can give you summaries of what may be happening when you are in the washroom.Image result for runpee app


  • Photomath: This is another very useful android app that was designed to help students. Imagine having an app that with just a shot of an equation in a book, can guide you in steps on how to solve that equation? Well, that’s exactly what according to the developers of this app it will do for you. Hence, I am more than sure that students will find this android app very useful.
    Image result for photomath


  • Tunity: This is another incredibly useful android app that allows you to use your mobile device to connect it to the TV at a very noisy place like a bar, where you would want to listen to what is been said on the TV but you can’t because of the noise there. This app will scan the TV, figure out which channel it is on then play the sound from your phone for your sole hearing convenience.
    Image result for tunity


  • Twilight: This useful android app is designed to keep you from sleeping when you are on your phone late at night. You notice that at most times, when you are on your phone late at night, you fall asleep very quickly. Well, according to the developers of this app, they have learnt from studies done that, a certain blue light which emanates from your phones’ screen trigger your sleep. Hence, this app is designed to reduce that light for you, keeping you up on your phone till whenever you want.
    Image result for twilight app


  • Pushbullet: You notice checking your messages when working can be a very exhausting task? This app is designed to link your messages from your phone directly to other devices. You can link your messages directly to your working desktop and view your messages on your PC. The best thing about this very useful app is that you can view full messages on the other device that you want to view it on.
    Image result for pushbullet app


  • Listen on Repeat: This app needs not much explanation because the app is pretty straight forward with its name. This android app has some reasons of been a very useful and great android app. This app will allow you to watch all you favorite YouTube videos. And the best part is you can listen while your screen is off, to save battery power.
    Image result for listen on repeat app



I hope I have been able to enlighten you and shown you these apps which can be very useful to you. As much as these apps are not for everyone or may not function on every device. You can always have access to these amazing applications when you have the right smartphone device whenever you want.