Google Removed 900 Million Pirated Links Last Year

The world’s largest and arguably most popular search engine has reportedly taken down over 900 million pirated links. Google as we all know is a very huge company which has millions of people around the world using their search engine at every minute and point in time to search for information. This huge service of Google gives it an astoundingly heavy duty and responsibility on their shoulders. Hence the company has to keep their reputation as clean as possible regarding and relating to all the laws, rules and piracy guidelines that they have to work and go by. Naturally if Google was to allow pirated content to be ranked, then they will be flaunting the piracy laws in the country that they operate, as well, they would had been causing damage to the copyrighted works of so many people around the world who has their work and websites ranked by Google. Google as a company is loved by the world so much that, although there are many search engines around, the likely term that somebody will use to tell you to search for something on the web is ‘’Google it’’. The DCMA gives takedown to Google by legitimate copyright holders, and then Google too act as quickly as possible to take down all those pirated links on the internet from their system. Google took down 900 million links according to credible reports in 2016 alone.

September 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California.

The figure is very astounding because 900 million websites been taken down or deleted from Google is no joke at all. This means that those sites that Google took down will not have the privileged of been ranked by Google and their website will stop receiving traffic from the Google search engine. The figure again, is an increase to that of the previous year’s own, thus 2015, which was half of what Google took down last year (2016). Copyright holders are more serious and vigilant than ever. They do not wait a second to deliver a notice to Google and other search engines to takedown pirated content from their system. And they also have every right to do so. It is reported that copyright holders requested Google to delete one billion pirated links. However upon Google’s own compilation, they got 914 million links (thus 89.8%) which they took down or deleted. By these figures, Google takes down 20 million links every week. The figure for the year 2016 was astoundingly overwhelming but we wait to see how much they will delete or take down in 2017 and the year goes by.

Incredibly Amazing Tech Gadgets That You Can’t Buy Yet

There are hundreds of projects which are at their initial stages, that are been planned to be on the market every minute. The day to day technological stuff that we use started through these processes and finally got to us. The projects that have not yet been finalized are said to be in the crowd funding stages. This is the stage where the tech gadgets that are been designed are tested out for some period of time, to find out if it can sustain or last in people’s home and others when they start producing it commercially. At any given moment in time, there are several projects of this sort around the world. Hence, you cannot purchase the gadget at this stage. It is only when it has been commercialized that it can be purchased for personal or commercial use. I will tell you about three Incredibly Amazing Tech Gadgets That You Can’t Purchase Yet. They include a shock-absorbing drone (Droneball Go), Qube light strip (Smart Lightening System) and a 3D printed earphone (earnotz).

1.  Droneball – The shock absorbing drone


The shock absorbing drone is a very impressive drone that has been designed known as Droneball Go. The makers of the drone aim to make this specific drone of theirs crash-proof. Drones are very interesting toys that many young people are interested in. Now if you are lucky enough to had flown one before, you will notice how easy it is to crash it into things, especially trees. Regarding the cost of these toys, that is a major problem for drone lovers, which is exactly why Droneball Go aims at building a much sturdier drone. The most notable part of the drone is the cage which it is built in.  The drone is built in a cage made up of flexible wires, designed to absorb any shock when the drone crashes.

Droneball Parts

This is a feature which truly would be the ‘’it’’ for drone lovers. The drone aside the shock-absorbing flexible cage wire around it, is just like any other normal drone. It has many propellers and the user has the option of equipping it with a camera to take aerial photos and videos. The shock-absorbing cage is to protect the costly toy from destroying when it crashes.


2.  Qube Light Strip – Smart Lighting System

The Qube Light Strip is an amazing lighting system that has been built with smartness. To start, I don’t think there is any domestic appliance which hasn’t been made smart. Thankfully, lights are not among the domestic smart appliances. Now, with the invention of the Qube strip smart lighting system, lights are now among them.


This lighting device is a near perfect design which has been built to fix into the tightest places in your house, and the plus is that you can control it with a smartphone app. What differentiate this light from the others is that, you can control this light however you desire. You can set or program the light into several colors that you want. You can program it to slowly dim at night or to slowly on in the morning to wake you up. With options of setting the color and the dimness or brightness, you can set it to suit your mood when you listening to John Legend, or any favorite tracks of yours.

Qube Florescent

3.  Earnotz – 3D Printed Earphones

Earphones are undoubtedly a convenient way to listen to music, however one major flaw that probably every user of earphones has noticed is that unlike the headphone which fits perfectly on the head, this sometimes does not fit into the earholes at all. This is why Earnotz, a 3D printed earphone is to be brought unto the markets if the manufacturing firm is successful. This earphone is totally different from all the other ones because it is not going to be produced into the system for you to go to stores to purchase them.


This is how it will work; the product has a companion app which the customer will have to download. The customer will then have to use the app to snap a picture of his or her ear. Then send it to the manufacturer, whom will in turn, with the aid of your ear size in the picture, print out a perfectly fitting earphone which you won’t have any problem with. It is somehow cool, but we hope the sound quality too will meet our expectation.


So there you have it, those are three incredibly amazing tech gadgets, which are still in the pipeline, but might find it way to the market very soon. Until then look out for our next compilation of Incredibly Amazing Tech Gadget That You can’t Buy Yet. Please leave your comments and suggestions below, and thanks for reading. Cheers!


Kingston Unveils an Outstanding 2 Terabyte Flashdrive

Kingston’s Outstanding 1Terrabyte Pendrive

One of the world’s largest storage device manufacturers, Kingston, has unveiled the world’s largest capacity portable flash drive storage device. This flash drive was unveiled at the annual CES event. Since the first portable flash drive was manufactured by IBM, which was a 5MB flash drive, flash drives have evolved a lot, become cheaper and very portable. The flash drive that Kingston unveiled at the CES event some few days ago has started the race of flash drives in the terabyte range. The flash drive was launched in two categories; thus the 1terabyte and the 2terabytes. The flash drive is known as the Kingston Data Traveller Ultimate Generation Terabyte (Ultimate GT). It is very evidential that the flash drive compared to the lesser capacity holding ones is a lot bulky and not that attractive. But to fit all this capacity into one single tinny case, was obviously no easy job. Hence, I personally expected nothing less the size that the drive came in.

However, they have taken the lead in the start of the race for terabyte flash drives manufacturing, so that at least deserves a thumbs-up. There is absolutely no doubt that other flash drive manufacturing firms are also going to follow suit and release flash drives in the terabyte range. The design of the drive is a little bit cool, although many will not like it. It was cased in a zinc metal with a design that has the ability of splitting the zinc casing to cover the USB port. The drives are 2.83mm inches wide (thus 72mm) and supports USB 3.1 Gen, which is same as the 3.0 speeds. The flash drive makers made it known that the drive can max out a speed of 5GB per second, although I really doubt that. Both drive types will start shipping in February this year, thus, if you order them now. Share your comments below and if you purchase one, make it a point to visit back and share with us your experience.

What to Expect from Apple in 2017

Apple Inc.

The apple company had quite a rough 2016 with many and downs and obstacles.  The Apple Company recorded a down IPhone sale for the first time in the history or the company and product IPhone as a product. The IPhone7 on the other hand which was launched very early last year was a great phone but had not much improvement from the previous version according to many of their customers. And the most pissing thing for the consumers of the Apple IPhone product was the removal of the headphone jack.
Image result for apple2017

The Apple Airpods too suffered a two month delay. Meaning, if you order it now, you will have to wait until February, 2017 to receive your order. Which is very bad because on the side of the company because, people would had loved to have the device before major events and occasions like the Black Friday and Christmas. Again, there were consumer reports about the inconsistencies in the battery life of their MacBook Pro, which made the year a very hectic one for a great company as Apple.


So how will the next year, 2017, be like for the company? Are the obstacles and problems going to be more or there is going to be some good turn around for the company? Well, below is what Technewsarticles predicts the year to look like for the Tech-giants; Apple.


Apple Ipad


It has been quite a while since Apple launched any other Ipad except the 9.7’’ Ipad they released last spring. Apart from that, all the other ones are not less than three years ago. Hence, it is very likely and we are very certain that launching a new Ipad will be on top of the to-do list of the Apple Company. Rumors are all over about Apple releasing the new Ipad models during spring this year, but we wait to see. There are other reports that the new Ipad models are going to have a slightly larger screen size to that of the previous version. It is reported that the new model will have a 10inches display screen instead of 9.7inches. The non-Pro ones too are expected to work with an Apple Pencil. The reports that are coming in are so consistent that there is no single doubt that the Company will start 2017 with the Apple Ipad.

Apple Ipad

More Attention on Siri

Siri, since Apple introduced in the IPhone 4s, has been an integral part of the IPhone as a device. However, two of Apple’s biggest rivals have introduced similar technologies which have doubled down on Siri leaving it in the sand. Google introduced their excellent in-built assistant in their Pixel phone and the Google home speaker.
Image result for apple siri2017
The assistant is built in an extremely fantastic way that it can browse and search through the vast information database of Google to bring you all the answers that you are searching for just by a command. Amazon on the other hand has not just only been able to define the voice category by expanding Alexa to new Echo devices like the Amazon Tap and Dot, they are expanding it unto third party devices.


The previous year was a very dull one for the MacBook. The only encouraging thing that happened with the Apple laptop was the release of the MacBook Pro, which also met a lot of anger from the customers. This because the customers complained that they will have to buy new adapters to work with the Thunderbolt 3 port, and the battery life was also nowhere near how good Apple projected it to be. Nothing much should be expected of the MacBook except upgrades of the battery life of the laptop and some other features.

Major Refresh in the IPhones’ features
Image result for apple2017

The next IPhone is expected to have some major feature upgrades. The phone is reported to be built with all glass body with no bezel around the screen. There are reports of a possible curved display screen version of the IPhone 8. It will be built with a wireless charging feature too. There will be a no home button, with a new screen technology known as the OLED, which is to provide deeper and richer colors. There are no two ways that the IPhone is the most profitable and important Apple product. Hence it should be no surprise when the company gives it more attention. You should also expect to see the designs leaks of the phone early this year. And be rest assured that you will see them here first.

Apple iPhone

Apple had a relatively abysmal year by all standards to previous years. It is exiting 2016 on a much shakier grounds than it did the previous year. Aside the major product, the IPhone, there isn’t much to expect from the company or to be excited about. Apple should just continue to improve the aspect where they are seen weak to catch up with their competition and be in the lead again as they are always noted for.