Google Removed 900 Million Pirated Links Last Year

The world’s largest and arguably most popular search engine has reportedly taken down over 900 million pirated links. Google as we all know is a very huge company which has millions of people around the world using their search engine at every minute and point in time to search for information. This huge service of Google gives it an astoundingly heavy duty and responsibility on their shoulders. Hence the company has to keep their reputation as clean as possible regarding and relating to all the laws, rules and piracy guidelines that they have to work and go by. Naturally if Google was to allow pirated content to be ranked, then they will be flaunting the piracy laws in the country that they operate, as well, they would had been causing damage to the copyrighted works of so many people around the world who has their work and websites ranked by Google. Google as a company is loved by the world so much that, although there are many search engines around, the likely term that somebody will use to tell you to search for something on the web is ‘’Google it’’. The DCMA gives takedown to Google by legitimate copyright holders, and then Google too act as quickly as possible to take down all those pirated links on the internet from their system. Google took down 900 million links according to credible reports in 2016 alone.

September 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California.

The figure is very astounding because 900 million websites been taken down or deleted from Google is no joke at all. This means that those sites that Google took down will not have the privileged of been ranked by Google and their website will stop receiving traffic from the Google search engine. The figure again, is an increase to that of the previous year’s own, thus 2015, which was half of what Google took down last year (2016). Copyright holders are more serious and vigilant than ever. They do not wait a second to deliver a notice to Google and other search engines to takedown pirated content from their system. And they also have every right to do so. It is reported that copyright holders requested Google to delete one billion pirated links. However upon Google’s own compilation, they got 914 million links (thus 89.8%) which they took down or deleted. By these figures, Google takes down 20 million links every week. The figure for the year 2016 was astoundingly overwhelming but we wait to see how much they will delete or take down in 2017 and the year goes by.

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