Kingston Unveils an Outstanding 2 Terabyte Flashdrive

Kingston’s Outstanding 1Terrabyte Pendrive

One of the world’s largest storage device manufacturers, Kingston, has unveiled the world’s largest capacity portable flash drive storage device. This flash drive was unveiled at the annual CES event. Since the first portable flash drive was manufactured by IBM, which was a 5MB flash drive, flash drives have evolved a lot, become cheaper and very portable. The flash drive that Kingston unveiled at the CES event some few days ago has started the race of flash drives in the terabyte range. The flash drive was launched in two categories; thus the 1terabyte and the 2terabytes. The flash drive is known as the Kingston Data Traveller Ultimate Generation Terabyte (Ultimate GT). It is very evidential that the flash drive compared to the lesser capacity holding ones is a lot bulky and not that attractive. But to fit all this capacity into one single tinny case, was obviously no easy job. Hence, I personally expected nothing less the size that the drive came in.

However, they have taken the lead in the start of the race for terabyte flash drives manufacturing, so that at least deserves a thumbs-up. There is absolutely no doubt that other flash drive manufacturing firms are also going to follow suit and release flash drives in the terabyte range. The design of the drive is a little bit cool, although many will not like it. It was cased in a zinc metal with a design that has the ability of splitting the zinc casing to cover the USB port. The drives are 2.83mm inches wide (thus 72mm) and supports USB 3.1 Gen, which is same as the 3.0 speeds. The flash drive makers made it known that the drive can max out a speed of 5GB per second, although I really doubt that. Both drive types will start shipping in February this year, thus, if you order them now. Share your comments below and if you purchase one, make it a point to visit back and share with us your experience.

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